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R&M expands industrial networking application portfolio

Aug 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023

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High-end infrastructure data and communications networks developer and provider R&M has announced that it is opening up new areas of application for industrial solutions with a portfolio for the industrial local area network (LAN) market comprising network components and cables for harsh environments.

R&M’s portfolio covers a range of copper and fibre-based connectivity and see use in LAN, telecommunication, fibre to the home, fibre to the antenna and datacentres.

Among the new products addressing these industries, R&M has copper-based connectivity solutions for industrial applications including new outlets with protection class IP67. Together with an IP67 connection cable, the plugged connections are also equipped for higher mechanical loads, such as wind, humidity or ice load.

Field-mountable RJ45 connectors with die-cast zinc housing are also new to the portfolio, designed to offer all-round protection against electromagnetic fields. The products have insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology to guarantee a stable, gas-tight and corrosion-free contact of the copper wires in LAN adapters and RJ45 connectors.

Reinforced installation and patch cords complete the industrial portfolio. Among other things, R&M has shielded PUR patch cords in the Cat. 6A category with IP67 plug housing in its portfolio.

The solutions from the Swiss-based company encompass new areas of application for example in energy and wind power, the oil and gas industry, and mining. R&M noted that when exploration companies and municipal utilities integrate their assets into stable data networks, they can monitor their operations remotely in real time.

It said that, in the future, operators will be able to control more processes digitally and from any location via the internet and the cloud, making it possible to optimally coordinate maintenance work and deploy technicians and vehicles more efficiently, for example.

R&M sees similar requirements in hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, solar fields and every type of utility network. In almost every case, the company said current systems should be integrated into IP data networks and cloud services. They are usually located in open terrain and are exposed to all types of weather – and the same applies to network connectivity.

Looking at use case in transport, R&M noted that data networks are currently being expanded further by traffic carriers. For example, it said entire railway lines, highways, tunnels and airfields are now integrated into online services, enabling operators to use cost-effective, web-based monitoring and management tools.

The company also highlighted the fact that the construction industry is increasingly using digital solutions such as building information modelling (BIM). This makes it possible to implement construction projects more efficiently and with fewer expert personnel. The individual trades can precisely tune data, dimensions and deadlines to each other. However, the company said this requires robust LAN and wireless LAN infrastructures on the construction site that are protected from water and dust.

R&M sees other new areas of application for the Industrial LAN portfolio wherever digitisation is carried out in harsh environments. These include agriculture, ports, transport and IP-based outdoor video surveillance. It regards automation as a classic field of application. Entire factories will be equipped with Ethernet/IP networks to integrate production into standard digital systems. The R&M connection modules for network and DIN rail installations are also available in these environments.