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Introducing ISOtunes LINK 2.0 Helmet Mount

Oct 25, 2023Oct 25, 2023

Company offers solution for safety and connectivity on the jobsite

Innovation takes a step forward in workplace safety with the debut of the ISOtunes LINK 2.0 Helmet Mount (LINK 2.0 HM). Designed to cater to the needs of professionals seeking headgear and ear protection, this product claims to redefine on-site work experiences.

The ISOtunes LINK 2.0 HM fuses head and ear protection, boasting an array of features that the company says elevate user comfort and connectivity. Packed with a Bluetooth connection for seamless communication, battery life of up to 50 hours, and an optional boom mic attachment, the LINK 2.0 HM ensures professionals remain connected and safe throughout their demanding workdays.

One feature is the universal clip, offering compatibility with a range of safety helmets, including the MSA V-Gard, ENHA Radius, Arco Champion Plus, and Centurion Nexus Safety - Linesman. Rigorously tested to meet stringent hearing protection standards, the ISOtunes LINK 2.0 HM ensures optimal safety without compromising on user experience.