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CaddyDaddy Claw Max Glove Review

Jul 24, 2023Jul 24, 2023

How much thought do you put into your golf glove? If you are like most golfers I know, the answer is minimal. Gloves tend to get chosen by brand, price, and materials, which is okay, but what if there was a glove out there that could offer more performance while maintaining a comfortable fit? We’ve heard about CaddyDaddy’s Claw golf gloves for a few years, and today we are looking at the Claw Max to see if this glove is worth switching to.

Anyone who plays in the heat and humidity understands that there are days when using multiple gloves will be necessary. Leather gloves are the norm these days, but they offer little in terms of breathability, which can be a hindrance during those hot rounds. For the Claw Max, the upper portion of the glove consists of a combination of synthetic leather and a flex mesh material that boosts airflow.

While the top of the glove works well at increasing breathability and offers a more non-traditional look, the palm of the Claw Max stands out in a crowded glove market thanks to its silicone-coated design. This material provides significantly more grip than what golfers receive on a traditional leather glove, which is expected.

When looking at the palm of the Claw Max, you might initially think they are meant more for football than golf. The tackiness is immediately noticeable thanks to its aggressive nature. You might even believe it’s possible to scale walls like Spider-Man while wearing one, which I tried and sadly failed. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

On the course, the added grip paid some immediate dividends. I noticed that I wasn’t gripping my clubs as tightly as before because there was no fear of twisting or losing my grip during the swing. As someone battling tennis elbow for the last couple of months, lessening my grip pressure was noticeable and added more comfort.

As with all their gloves, the Claw Max are highly durable, meaning the palm will not crack, rip, or harden. What’s even better, and something that genuinely never crossed my mind, these are machine washable. Therefore, if you want your glove to look brand new, toss it in the washing machine and hang it dry. Voila, a fresh glove!

Claw Max is offered in nine sizes for right-handed golfers and five for lefties, and just like with other pieces of equipment, finding the right fit is critical. Not every Claw glove is designed to fit the same, so it is essential to know that the Claw Max gives a more traditional tight fit, similar to what golfers experience with leather gloves. As part of my sample set, I received three different glove sizes, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large. To my surprise, the glove that offered the best fit and comfort was the large, a size up from what I usually wear across several different brands. Fit is a personal preference, but the M/L glove felt too snug to my liking. Anyone looking for a tighter feel should order their standard size without hesitation, but if you tend to be on the fringe of glove sizes, I would order a size up.

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The Details

Price: $24.99

Sizes: Small, Cadet Small*, Medium, Cadet Medium*, Medium/Large, Large, Cadet Large*, Extra Large, and XXL*

*Available for Right-Handed Golfers Only

The Details*Available for Right-Handed Golfers Only