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    The company has a group of professional coating engineering design and technical personnel, in coating equipment manufacturing industry for many years engaged in, with rich experience in the design and construction, the completion of the coating production line and supply the painting dedicated the whole plant equipment, widely used in plastic, metal, wood, lighting, leather goods, profiles, and other required coating industry. After many years of efforts, the company has many domestic and foreign customers. Coating equipment of the company with its advanced technology, reliable quality, perfect service to get the support and recognition of the broad masses of customers. Company to the standardization of spraying machine, specially set up a spray machine special plane, dedicated to the research, design, manufacture and has successfully launched the plane reciprocating spray machine, single shaft to the five axis automatic spraying machine, and have launched the six axis and more reciprocating machine. To meet the various complex surfaces, the spraying of odd shape products. The company has a number of outstanding mechanical, automatic control and other senior professional personnel, and with the domestic and foreign research institutions to work closely, so that high and new technology can be used immediately in the company's products. Company advanced production technology, perfect management system and reliable quality control system and seriously, fast, perfect service attitude, so you use our products always worry free!    
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